Old Again Interview


Old Again is a Pop/Punk band with a 5-person line up. Based in Central Florida, the band was created in August of 2012. With a 5 track EP just being released as of February 27th this band has amazing potential. Even though they are new to the scene they are sure to make some lasting impressions on the lucky concert goers who hear them. Be sure to check out the EP here → https://www.facebook.com/oldagainband/app_204974879526524 and pick it up while its hot!

“Conquerors of the useless, that’s what we were, you learn that what’s important is how you got there, not what you’ve accomplished”.

Q:Alright, so could you please introduce yourself and what part you have in Old Again?

A:My name is Joshua Partridge and I sing and write lyrics for the band. I also do a lot of the social networking and booking for us.

Q: How did the band come into existence?

A:There’s a funny story behind this too. Mikey (guitar) and I have been best friends for a while now, we were really getting into pop punk last summer and there weren’t any pop punk bands in our area so we decided to start one. The funny thing is I was originally gonna play bass, but one night Mikey and I were bored and we decided to cover a Real Friends song (Floorboards) and I sang on it. Ever since then I’ve been singing in the band. The rest of our band Pat, Morgan, and Kevin, were in a hardcore band that had just broken up so it worked out kinda perfectly. We actually played a show with Real Friends a few months back. Had a blast, they’re great dudes. The vocalist tweeted about our EP last night and that made my whole life!

Q:Is there any meaning behind the name at all?

A:There’s actually a funny story behind that. We were originally named Life In General after the MXPX album, and literally the day we released our first song some dude from a folk band was like, “Hey I have the trademarks for that name so if you don’t change it I’ll sue you.” So a couple months ago we made the switch to Old Again which is the name of a song by one of my favorite bands Right Away Great Captain. The new names really grown on us though, and I personally like it better.

Q:you were speaking of your EP, is it already released or is it still in production?

A:It is! We just released it yesterday actually. It’s called Broken People and we worked really hard on it. We put it up on Bandcamp for name your price because we wanted to make sure it was available to everyone, and we understand that an EP from a brand new band isn’t always in the budget haha.

Q:is there a reason behind the EP being titled Broken People?

A:Definitely man. It has multiple meanings really. The first one being that I think the human race is kind of broken, it’s so rare to find anyone that has any sort of empathy or compassion. Everyone is just kind of looking out for number one, and it just leads to people getting hurt. The second meaning is simply that it’s an album for people that have been broken by someone. At the time in my life I was writing these songs I had been hurt by a lot of people, and it broke me. I hope people can relate to the lyrics if they’ve been through similar circumstances, and find comfort knowing they’re not alone, and know it’s ok to be broken.

Q:Speaking on the topic of hurt and broken, do you think this EP will help some of its listeners? was that your goal with this particular EP?

A:I’m not sure man, it’s kind of hard for me to imagine my words helping someone, but I hope so. Music is definitely one of the few things that can bring me up when I’m feeling down. I wouldn’t say that was the goal of the EP. We were trying to write music that was relatable, and that hopefully people would like. If it helps people that’s even better though.

Q:Are there any songs on the EP that you favor? if so why?

A:That’s a tough one haha. I would say my favorites are probably the first and the last one on the EP. Just because they’re the most unique I suppose.

Q:I see that on the song, “Alaska Is North..” you feature Joel from BAAO. How was it having him help wit the EP?

A:It was awesome man. The guys from BAAO are great. Their guitar player Tyler actually took the picture that we used as album art. We also have Chris from a band called Alive In Standby on our track Fairweather Friend. We’re just as excited about that. We think that the guest spots are perfect, and we’re very appreciative to have those guys collaborate with us!

Q:Are there any tours in the works?

A:Nothing yet unfortunately. We’re gonna start routing/booking by April. We’re hoping to head out on our first tour mid-June, we’ll be heading up the East Coast, and hitting up some of the midwest. We are playing our first out of state show this month though, March 23rd we’re headed up to the 4S Venue in North Georgia. We can’t wait!

Q:Is there any venue that you would like to play at? Big or small?

A:I think the venue I want to play the most would be Chain Reaction in California, just because so many amazing tours have went through there, and I have some friends in the area I’d love to see. Not to mention I still need to try In-N-Out. I know my guitar player Mikey really wants to play Taco Abajo, which is a small venue in Savannah, GA that is really cool.

Q:Is an acoustic cover of Broken People anywhere in the future?

A:It could be man, if people ask for it we have no problem with doing it. We already have some new music in the works as well.

Q:Do you have any musical influences? any bands or artists?

A:Oh definitely, I could probably go on for days. Personally I would say Copeland, La Dispute, Say Anything, Death Cab For Cutie, As Cities Burn, Basement, Seahaven, etc. As a band I would say American Football, Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory, The Wonder Years, Cartel, The Starting Line, Blink 182, etc.

Q:Is there anything you’ like to add?

A:Just that everybody check out the EP, and check us out on Facebook, or tweet at us. We love making new friends and talking to people. Also that we appreciate you taking the time to interview us!

Interview by: Joseph Tucker

Old Again’s Facebook Page- https://www.facebook.com/oldagainband

Old Again’s Official Twtter- https://twitter.com/OldAgainBand

Old Again’s Youtube Channel- youtube.com/oldagainband


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