Interview with Lakeview’s Eric St. Clair

If you haven’t heard of Lakeview you’re definitely missing out, with a unique sound, they bring you a mix of genres in an exciting and new way. Formed in 2011 they have been paving their own way since. Signing with Arkaik Records early this year means this band will continue to bring you new music. Haven’t heard of Lakeview? Listen to their new single here.

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”
-Charles Bukowski  (An interview with Eric St. Clair)

Q: Could you please introduce yourself and what part you have in Lakeview?
A: My name is Eric St. Clair and my part of Lakeview consists of Drums/Vocals/Songwriting and being as annoying as possible! 
Q: How did Lakeview Start up?
A: Lakeview started like ALOT of bands! Jamming in mom and dads basement, having fun with friends etc etc… When I came in to the band we all decided to get to work and make it something more serious and start pushing our dreams to make them reality. Went through a few member changes and found what line-up works best for us and here we are! 
Q: you guys signed with Arkaik Records recently; could you tell our readers how it was when you found out about that?
A: we had been on the market for a while as an unsigned band and one afternoon Mike (our manager) hit us up and told us the news about Arkaik Rec. being interested in us and we were instantly intrigued. We had a few meetings with them and we all got along well, and meshed on ideas so we took the opportunity. It’s really been awesome thus far.
Q: You’re first single with Arkaik Records; “This City Won’t Be the Same without You” received positive feedback from your fan base. Now you have the new single, “Play It Safe” out, is it receiving the same feedback? Do the fans like it more or less?
A: more or less… That’s tricky because its on a different level than our first release. I think we definitely got an AWESOME response from both singles but I think Play It Safe was a little surprising because we put a little bit more of a heavy twist on a so-cal feeling pop punk song. They’re both on different levels though which is why I think they’re fun to listen to.
Q: The Hit&Run tour starts this April, and one of your stops is in New York, New York. How does it feel to be playing there and other key places on the tour list?
A: it feels awesome! We’re breaking away from our comfort zone and I think this will be a fun time for us! Gonna be playing some new songs and we’re really excited to roam around the city for the day and even MORE excited to meet all the new-amazing people!
Q: Your first full length album, “Take The Fall” is set to release this May. Can you give the readers an update on how that is going? Can you give us any news on the songs their-selves? Do they portray a certain theme?
A: It has actually been pushed back a month I believe. We have been ridiculously busy writing this full-length and I am actually recording this album myself so that just makes it that much more time consuming! The record is coming along awesome. Honestly though, there is no common “theme” I like to write about personal experiences and each song comes with a different story and theme. I never sit down and say ” Eric, you are going to write this type of song or this type of chorus” they all just randomly HIT me hahaha you should see my Voice Memos on my phone 😉
Q: Speaking of stories behind songs, is there a story behind you single, “Play It Safe”?
A: Play it Safe is a fun tune. I got the idea from someone I work with. They were going through a rough patch so I put myself in their shoes and wrote about it. It’s about being in a relationship and missing an ex- “When I’m lying next to her I’m still looking into your eyes” but you’re both to stubborn to admit you miss each other so you continue and just ignore the situation. 
Q: What pushes you as a musician?
A: The love for the art, the people, the experience, the rush, writing music, meeting all the new people, traveling, but most of all knowing that I could potentially make a change in someone’s life. We’ve gotten MULTIPLE emails from friends thanking us telling us our song helped them through a rough spot or just made their day better– that in itself is the most amazing feeling.
Q: Do any of the tour dates excite you for any reason? Do you look forward to any one date in particular?
A: all of them excite us!! We’re excited to see all the new places and meet all the new people and excited to be on the road doing what we love! 
Q: Is there anything you would like to add?
A: Stay awesome! To everyone that’s been with us from day one, or even if you just heard of us yesterday– we love you and wouldn’t be able to do anything without you. Love you all and hope to meet you all soon! ❤

Interview By: Joseph Tucker
Lakeview’s Facebook
Lakeview’s Twitter (@lakeviewva)


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