A Review of Home & Away’s EP “Still Breathing”

Letting go and moving on is sometimes a hard thing to do but we have to do it in order to get on with our lives. Sometimes its not okay to roll with the everyday boring people that have desk jobs and will not take risks in life. Sometimes you have to let go, you have to let grudges go, get up off your ass and show the world that you aren’t just another desk jockey and that you will do something incredible. Do what you love no matter the cost, go toe-to toe with the world and just live life. That is the way I felt listening to “Still Breathing” which is Home & Away’s latest EP.
This EP captures so much emotion its unreal. I’m a fan of quality, if I see a seven song EP that took eleven months I get really interested, really quickly. Home & Away scored high in the quality department, with a full sound on every track you can tell that nothing was skipped over. Home & Away uses sing along choruses and full guitars along with fast paced drums. The vocals are unmistakeable with Bryan Casselman and Evan Murray complimenting each otherall inall this album is perfect. Sitting down and listening to this EP was one of the best things I’ve done in a long time.
I found that the instrumental side of the EP was incredible. It felt like out of the eleven months they spent making these tracks, half of that time frame was spent fine tuning the sound before the vocal tracking even began. If the music isnt cause for celebration the lyrics are. Creating songs that have to do with forgiveness, realization and non-conformity and more, both the lyrics and music combine to create a fantastic mix. This concoction of brilliance should be put in the books as an all-time favorite and should enjoyed for a long time.

Let’s start with “Corneria” which is the first track off of the EP. I feel as though this was a good way to kick off this record. Hearing H&A’s signature tuned guitars and sign-along choruses made it easy to get back into the swing of thing with these guys. This song conveyed a certain feeling of freedom to me and that made it even better to listen to.

Our Scars Sing Lullabies” Is one of my favorites on this EP. Bryan Casselman continues to produce unique vocals and Evan Murray and the rest of the crew forge a solid track for this story of the realization of friendship to be told.

Moving onto the fast paced track labeled “Nut Up or Shut Up”this shows a continuation with the signature fine tuned guitars and the bass guitar and drums are more prominent on this specific track. I feel like this track conveys the message of getting free of whatever has trapped you in life.

My favorite of the bunch, “Riders of Rohan” is a strong track. With heavy guitars and moving vocals this song is sure to be a favorite among many besides myself. The lyrics in this track are quite amazing and creatively convey the message of non-conformity. If you do check out this beauty be sure to note the Lord of The Rings snippet at the beginning for it sets the mood for the entire song.

If you follow these guys on Twitter (@HomeandAwayBand) you have seen their signature tag “#FUCKMONEYTOURFOREVER” which happens to be the title of this specific track! Bringing back the crowd choruses, this track should hype anyone up that hears it. This being H&A’s anthem, it brings light on the fact that they will do anything to pursue their love of music. So #FUCKMONEYTOURFOREVER.

Being released as a single for “Still Breathing” song six out of seven “Come at me, Bro” is a track to be remembered. With strong choruses and a prominent vocal track to go along with a great tempo coming from the instruments this is a shoe in to be a favorite for anyone laying a feud to rest.

Whisper to Me” Caught me off guard as its a slower song than what ive seen coming from H&A. A guest vocal appearance that radiates brilliance also compliments Bryan’s voice perfectly and makes for a nice transition into this specific mood. Speaking of setting the mood the drums and guitars are done perfectly for this hidden and unexpected gem.

Being unsigned, this band has a huge future ahead of them and this EP is a great one and will be noticed by a lot of people. I recommend you listen to it and hopefully love it as much as I did!

Review By: Joseph Tucker
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