Interview with Ben English and Trey Celaya of Invent, Animate

“We’re not afraid to slow it down, experiment with different vocal styles, and maybe even sing in a few parts.”- (An interview with Ben and Trey from Invent, Animate.)

Invent Animate is a five piece metal-core band from Texas. These guys are somewhat new to the scene but they provide a fresh new sound complete with roaring vocals hard guitars great baselines and crashing drums. Recently signed with Crimson Management these guys are out to conquer their music scene and take the world by storm. Check out one of the two of their new singles “Lightfinder” ft Aaron Matts of Betraying The Martyrs here.

Q: Could you guys please introduce yourselves?
A: I’m Ben (vocals), and also I have Trey (drums) here with me.

Q: How did you guys come together to form Invent, Animate?
A: Luckily you’re talking to two original members so here goes. We met up through other music acts back in 2009 and 2010. I saw how crazy talented Trey and Logan were so I made it a point to hang out with them and start jamming. I had no idea how to do any sort of vocals at the time, i just wanted to be playing music with these guys. So we started playing some cover songs together and whatnot, and solidified our lineup and now we’re here!

Q: You guys were recently picked up by Crimson Management. They manage bands such as State Champs, The Acadia Strain, Gideon and Shadows Fall. Could you tell us how you guys feel about all of that?
A: We don’t really believe it still. We were so lucky/blessed to have Crimson come to us and want to work with us. We have hard working managers who are great friends of ours and the other bands on the roster and bands we grew up listening to, so it’s just surreal for us. Definitely a great opportunity for us.

Q: You’ve released an EP called “Waves” as well as two singles, “LightFinder” and “Wolf Skin”. How have your fans reacted to the two singles and the EP?
A:Well for starters the EP was our first work we put together and it seemed to be well liked. of course it’s been out for more than a year so we’re enjoying playing the newer music more, but it was a good debut for us, we think. The two new singles seem to be doing very well, as well. They’re both pretty diverse sounding from each other, and we like that. We went for that. We’re kind of seeing what we want to continue playing and we’re also seeing the kinds of stuff that kids are taking a liking too nowadays. It’s all sounds like Invent, Animate, and we’re just trying to make some noise before recording a full-length.

Q: You guys played at South By So What!? In March. How was that?
A: Interesting… It was our first “big festival” experience for us, so we didn’t really know what to expect. there were some serious set time issues we faced, and some other issues, but we made the best of it and had fun and met a ton of kids. So we left happy.

Q: Is there anything coming out soon from you guys that we can look forward to?
A: Well, as it happens last time we were in Nashville we recorded THREE singles and there’s only two out right now…. so… expect something soon haha!

Q: In the single “Lightfinder” you worked with Aaron Matts. How was it working with him?
A: That dude is the nicest guy we’ve ever worked with. his vocals are angry as hell, but as a person, he couldn’t be nicer. Collaberating with Aaron was a great choice for us, and it’d be nice to do it again someday!

Q: Are there any tours in the works for Invent, Animate?
A: Not as of now. We definitely have a busy summer ahead getting ready for a full length and everything else that goes with it. It won’t be long though, I can promise you that.

Q: I talked with you guys about Crimson Management and you mentioned that it was surreal being on the same roster as the bands you grew up listening to such as Acadia Strain as we mentioned earlier.. Do you think that maybe Invent, Animate will have any collabo’s with any of them?
A: It would be completely awesome to collab with ANYONE on the roster. We’ll be working with some awesome people for this new record, just get ready for that!

Q: Is there anything that separates you guys from the other bands in the music scene?
A: Every band has their own element. With the music we have released so far, what you hear is what you get. In the stuff we’re currently writing there will be a lot to set us apart. We’re not afraid to slow it down, experiment with different vocal styles, and maybe even sing in a few parts. Just expect the unexpected.

Q: Is there anything you guys would like to add?
A: Keep your eyes peeled for new things about to happen. We’ll release info soon, and thank you to all the listeners and be ready for A LOT of music soon.

Interview By: Joseph Tucker
Invent, Animate’s Facebook
Invent, Animate’s Twitter


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