Meet our new member, Emily Grotton!

For a team to be successful you need members that are well qualified for the job and can work together with other people. Since last September when I first started Just For The Record which is now HG&LC I’ve been scouting for people that I could count on, that had the same drive as I did. With that being said, my first new member announcement is no other than Emily Grotton.
I met Emily at the start of this semester while on Twitter. I saw her tweets constantly being re-tweeted and most of them were lyrics to songs that I loved so I decided to hit her up. Turns out we had a lot in common and came from around the same area before we headed off to SFA. When I would drive home, she would tag along and take control of my radio. She introduced me to so many of the bands I now listen to everyday and me and her have some of the same goals and aspirations in life. When I re-started my publication Emily asked if she could help out and I gladly took her up on the offer. I am glad to announce that Emily will be one of our journalists and she has an eye for photography as well so she may contribute more in the future.


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